Dem Big Tent
Watching CNN for the first time since the last time I was stranded in an airport… DeBlasio: “Socialism for the wealthy!” (What does that even mean?) ___ Bennet: From Johnny Cargo days, when the lips were real, but everything else was animation. ___ Inslee: “Buy before midnight tonight or perish!” [and overrun my own time] ___ JellyBrains: “Orange Man Bad, Me Better.” ___ Gabbard: “Strength through Peace.” ___ Castro: “You and I, we’re just like me. Together we can help I fight him.” Yang: “You tie my tie, I send you check.” ___ Spartacus: “This city is just like mine now, and they both used to be the same, too! So common!” ___ Harris: “Seriously now, enough fun and games. All joking aside, I’m preying on you!” ___ Biden: “Thank you for this post position. I don’t deserve it. Here’s the best, most expensive, hand-crafted by DNC monkeys-speech delivered tonight.”