Dem Big Tent
Watching CNN for the first time since the last time I was stranded in an airport… DeBlasio: “Socialism for the wealthy!” (What does that even mean?) ___ Bennet: From Johnny Cargo days, when the lips were real, but everything else was animation. ___ Inslee: “Buy before midnight tonight or perish!” [and overrun my own time] ___ JellyBrains: “Orange Man Bad, Me Better.” ___ Gabbard: “Strength through Peace.” ___ Castro: “You and I, we’re just like me. Together we can help I fight him.” Yang: “You tie my tie, I send you check.” ___ Spartacus: “This city is just like mine now, and they both used to be the same, too! So common!” ___ Harris: “Seriously now, enough fun and games. All joking aside, I’m preying on you!” ___ Biden: “Thank you for this post position. I don’t deserve it. Here’s the best, most expensive, hand-crafted by DNC monkeys-speech delivered tonight.”

Dismantling The EPA

This week’s announcement by President-elect Donald Trump of his selection of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA provided yet another display of exploding heads on the Professional Left.

That Trump should have the temerity to appoint someone who does not believe that we can save the planet by humanely harvesting unicorn horns to power the Prius has many liberals wringing their hands and regretting the whole history of Harry Reid’s nuclear option.