Dismantling The EPA

This week’s announcement by President-elect Donald Trump of his selection of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA provided yet another display of exploding heads on the Professional Left.

That Trump should have the temerity to appoint someone who does not believe that we can save the planet by humanely harvesting unicorn horns to power the Prius has many liberals wringing their hands and regretting the whole history of Harry Reid’s nuclear option.




HATE SPEECH WRITER FOR HIRE – Momma, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Political Junkies

Originally written in March, 2011, updated Feb., 2016 

It has become increasingly clear that liberals, in addition to having no sense, do not have a sense of humor, either. In this observation I include liberal Republicans, liberal Libertarians, and liberal Amish. The ramification of this lack of humor is proving disastrous for the Republic, as it has for me, personally.

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Taking the Cookies Off the Table, Pt. II

September 2010

What a difference one year makes! The prattle among the chattering class in this election cycle is all about the economy. “More Jobs for Maine Families” says LePage on his website. “We can create jobs if we govern from the center” claims Cutler on his. Shawn Moody declares, “I am committed to dropping Maine’s unemployment rate to less than 6%,” talking with both hands moving for emphasis. Not to be outdone, Kevin Scott urges innovative budget solutions and a 32-hour workweek as the hope for Maine’s future. Libby Mitchell is the only one who lists so-called “Civil Rights” atop her list of the pressing issues of her candidacy, but I think it is only because the list is alphabetical. The first line of her “vision” for Maine is “Life in Maine is as simple as the soft feel of a newborn…” so one might surmise that Libby is pro-life. But then, her career is built upon sugary deceptions.

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Taking the Cookies Off the Table – Pt. I

September 2010

The oldest known use of the phrase “take that off the table” according to Mypedia dates back to about 1962 when my sister and I were fighting loudly over the last cookie on the plate on the kitchen table. “I think I’ll just take that cookie right off the table,” said Mom. That was the last either my sister or I saw of that particular cookie. That was how it worked in the family – Take something off the table, and no one gets any of it.

In government, particularly in the legislative process, it is opposite – an item is “tabled” or a motion made to “lay it on the table” when it is to be taken out of discussion. It is no wonder families work better than governments.

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