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David Feherty Interviews Donald Trump for The Golf Channel
Feherty Interviews Trump on The Golf Channel

Donald Trump will be interviewed by golf commentator David Feherty tonight at 9:00 on the Golf Channel. Feherty is, like most everyone in the golf industry, a pretty conservative fellow, so the hour-long program promises to be fair and fun.

As many of you know, the PGA recently announced their intent to move their World Golf Championship away from Trump National Doral in Miami, a course that has hosted the tournament for more than 50 years, citing Trump’s comments regarding the need to temporarily halt immigration until we figure out a way to keep the bad guys from getting into the country. That “politically correct” decision by the PGA was a real shame, since it was one of the Tour’s signature events, highlighting the major renovations to the course that The Donald has overseen.


Trump National Doral Miami - a.k.a. The Blue Monster
Trump National Doral Miami – a.k.a. The Blue Monster

Adding insult to injury, the PGA relocated the event, scheduled for next spring, to Mexico City, Mexico. In addition to being a deliberate attempt to place a stick-in-the-eye of Trump, this move seems to contradict my earlier observation that the golf industry is populated by fairly conservative people. Rather, this is indicative of the fact that, like the NFL, NBA, MLB, FIFA and most every other professional sports league, the men competing on the field of play are athletes, while those populating the head offices are just shadows of men who seek a politically correct road to riches.

With this move, the PGA Brass ties the match with the NFL for putting the most limp-wristed milquetoasts available in charge of a game in which real men compete. Their selection of Mexico City speaks nearly as loud as an open endorsement of Hillary Clinton. As a golf addict, I never thought I’d see the day when I would consider boycotting a PGA event. Trump himself has said of the move, that the PGA is “no different than Nabisco, Carrier, and so many other American companies” that have moved their business from the U.S. to Mexico. He added, “This decision only further embodies the very reason I am running for President of the United States.”

So, if by 9:00 tonight you’ve grown weary of the bloviating speeches from the Convention pulpit in Cleveland, tune into the Golf Channel for what promises to be an informative and entertaining interview of Donald Trump by one golf’s most informative and entertaining figures, David Feherty.

Click on the image below to redirect to an interview Feherty conducted with Donald in 2011. Feherty treats Trump with respect, and you’ll walk away knowing much more about Trump, as well as liking David Feherty and his self-effacing persona. It is a 45-minute long treat, and reveals a side of Donald Trump which the mainstream media has proven incapable of finding.

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