I Sat On The Story

[After way too long a break from posting, here’s how I feel…] 

I sat on the story. Dammit! I had the story.Me, Sitting on The Story I liked the story, a lot. I outlined it, roughed out a couple potential opening paragraphs. Each could easily be transformed into a transitioning 2nd paragraph, when the time came.

I even sourced a couple images, drafted a possible closing. I took great comfort in having the story; it came so easily. It could be finished in minutes. I just needed some historically accurate memories, and some backing facts in the middle, and it’d be ready to go. But, I sat on it.

Then I picked up the weekly paper. I try and avoid doing that. There it was – My story! And I had the story… Yet, here I am reading it in the weekly paper, published as someone else’s story.

It wasn’t even very well done, if you ask me. Where were the facts? Why the incomplete conclusion? And who is this guy MacPherson? Is that even his real name?

Dammit! I sat on the story.


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