Lenten Poem – Fixed in His Freedom

I admit to not being a very good Catholic. I just don’t practice enough. But I do love the Church. Even if I don’t get there very often any more, I am comforted by Her presence.

Lent is upon us, so I’ve got that going for me! Wandering around and fasting in the wilderness, followed by the promise of a rebirth of faith and life. The original Hope & Change!

I didn’t write this poem so much as it summoned itself through my pencil…

Fixed in His Freedom

He’s hung there for over 2,000 years,
Hid in plain sight, hoping all would find Him.

Waiting and watching, praying, protecting.

I’ve known He was there for me all along.
Yet I did not, could not, would not see Him.

Hanging on that cross for so long gets old.
Yet He did it for me, waited for me.

He has hung from that cross made of wood and
Suffered so long so I would not have to.

Yet I’ve refused so much as a splinter.
Not lightening His burden by the weight of a splinter.
No courage to take even a splinter.

Now I find the dire time upon me,
All at once for having waited so long.

Lo! Behold, His patience is limitless.
He waits for me still, on that cross, that hill.

Now I must act by no longer acting.
Now I must move by no longer moving.

I will plant my feet in His firmament
Where He will save me just to set me free.

-MW Pajak ©2016


2 thoughts on “Lenten Poem – Fixed in His Freedom

  1. Dear Mike, Fortunately, for all, Christ did not stay on that cross. He was buried and rose again on the third day, according to the scriptures. He is alive! He IS waiting. For as many as believe he offers the forgiveness of sins and a new life. It’s in the Bible. (The Catholic Bible) Think Easter!

    1. Hi gcard,

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Of course, you are correct. I was simply employing a little thing called “poetic license” – “the freedom to depart from the facts of a matter or from the conventional rules of language when speaking or writing in order to create an effect” – It’s in the dictionary! 😉 – TD

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