Dismantling The EPA

This week’s announcement by President-elect Donald Trump of his selection of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA provided yet another display of exploding heads on the Professional Left.

That Trump should have the temerity to appoint someone who does not believe that we can save the planet by humanely harvesting unicorn horns to power the Prius has many liberals wringing their hands and regretting the whole history of Harry Reid’s nuclear option.



Yes, Deplorable Indeed!

From William Wordsworth’s Ecclesiastical Sonnets


DEPLORABLE his lot who tills the ground,

William Wordsworth by Benjamin Robert Haydon, painting 1842
William Wordsworth by Benjamin Robert Haydon, painting 1842

His whole life long tills it, with heartless toil

Of villain-service, passing with the soil

To each new Master, like a steer or hound,

Or like a rooted tree, or stone earth-bound;

But mark how gladly, through their own domains,

The Monks relax or break these iron chains;

While Mercy, uttering, through their voice, a sound

Echoed in Heaven, cries out, “Ye Chiefs, abate

These legalized oppressions! Man–whose name

And nature God disdained not; Man–whose soul

Christ died for–cannot forfeit his high claim

To live and move exempt from all control

Which fellow-feeling doth not mitigate!”

Make America Golf Again

David Feherty Interviews Donald Trump for The Golf Channel
Feherty Interviews Trump on The Golf Channel

Donald Trump will be interviewed by golf commentator David Feherty tonight at 9:00 on the Golf Channel. Feherty is, like most everyone in the golf industry, a pretty conservative fellow, so the hour-long program promises to be fair and fun.

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Black Lies Matter Arrives in Maine

WCSH-6 Camera Captures #BLM Protestors Trapping Blacks in a Circle of Whiteness

The Soros-funded, summer jobs program that is the hashtag Black Lives Matter movement trickled down to Maine yesterday, and despite the 92% humidity, both pathos and irony were thicker than the air.

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